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R112 is the highest SRI tested recessive free son of Mayura Itoshigenami JNR. He is also the 3rd highest SRI JNR son (Feb 2023), ahead of breed leaders like L10, N4451, N4431, and Prologue. His semen sold for $2,750/straw in the 2022 Elite Wagyu Sale.He has a massive marble score of 2.9, EMA of +8.1 and strong growth traits. Top 1% for the all 4 indexes.
This is the best son of Y408 we have bred, and one of our most valued stud sires. He is incredibly well balanced with a very short gestation, strong growth figures and massive carcase traits. We have a limited number of carcases by this bull and they have all been excellent. Tested free of all receive genes. Top 2% for all 4 indexes. He has been entered into the cohort for the Australian Wagyu Progeny Test Program.
A cracking son of G113 out of a superb Y408 daughter who we are very excited about for both our F1 and Fullblood programs. A massive marble score of +3 with a carcase weight of double breed average. Tested free of all recessive genes. Top 1% for SRI, FBI and F1I.
Q118 is the most balanced bull in our breeding program. Phenotypically he is outstanding and so are his progeny. He combines a very short gestation and low birth weight with a massive carcase weight of +52 (top 3% of the breed) and a marble score of +2.5 (top 3%). He is in the top 1% of the breed for all 4 indexes.
S226 is the pick of our S drop bulls. He is out of our favourite cow, Q500, and goes back N7245, the highly regarded junior son.

He combines a short gestation and strong growth figures with a massive marble score of +3. We used him heavily as a yearling and he has been in centre since February. Top 1% for 1% for SRI, FBI and F1I.
On F1 carcase data, J77 is the best bull we have bred. And based on genomic EBV’s, S321 is the best son of J77. Like all our J77 calves, he is phenotypically striking. We used him heavily as a yearling and he has been in centre since February. He has a low birth weight, strong growth figures and a massive marble score (2.7). Top 2% for FB Index and F1 Index.